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Marker 48

Is it sailing weather?

Where did the water go?

Hurricane Ike

the aftermath as of sep. 16

Luckily for ship 502 our boats at Watergate survived the storm with very minimal damage unlike quite a few of the others there. However we have not been able to go see the Natalie L in Galveston due to the whole island being shut down, and we do not know what condition she is in.

Unfortunately the Nata Bella, the J29 we were hoping to do big boat races on, has, to be quite blunt, sunk.

We also know that the water during the storm was so high the tops of the pilings at Watergate were two feet underwater, but it is now back to normal.

More Pictures

 Evening Sail

6 Sep.

Attending: Payton and three friends, Eva and two friends, Kelly, Kim, Jeremy, Jason, Mr. & Mrs. Houghton, and Mr. Blackerby

Plan: Meet at 2 pm
take out Cork and Piewackett
go sailin'
dinner on the boats: sandwiches
come back

new members: none

fun time: yes

Nick's Quartermaster Sail


Check out Monica's Blog



20-27 July

The Band-Aid long sail.

The first day of long sail arrived and the Houghtons (-James), Trinity, Monica, Eva, Kelly, Payton, Andrew, and Jeremy met up at the scout house extremely excited for the awaiting beach and beach house. The six pack of sunfish was inaccessible at the time of our meeting so we trailed one Hobie 16 down to Galveston with us. We met up with the male Blackerbys on the road (literally in the middle of the highway, but no fear, the cars were still moving) who were trailering another Hobie cat. The vehicles and their passengers met up at Michael's Burgers for dinner a few minuets before we arrived at the beach house and it was excellent.

Monday morning plans were made to go retrieve the six pack from Houston so Mr. Blackerby went back up to get it. The scouts and left over adults stayed and played on the beach with kayaks and sand. We made a throne out of highly compacted sand strong enough to hold all of us, one at a time.

As Hurricane Dolly had effected the strength of wind on the Island we decided it would be to difficult to get sunfish into the ocean on Tuesday morning so we packed them back up and traveled 5 minuets in the car to lake Como. We unloaded 5 out of the 6 sunfish into the water and sailed around in the lake for a few hours. While we could see the weather all around us the lake was fortunately hit by nothing but thick black clouds. Kelly left us this evening for her trip to Germany, and Monica's Mom joined us for the week.

Wednesday was another day too strong for our small boats so we took a trip to Moody Gardens to see the rainforest and the aquarium. We had planned to see Batman afterwards but it was, alas, sold out. So, we headed home to start dinner. Soon after we arrived we were joined by Mrs. Blackerby and Miss Blackerby. Payton left this evening.

Thursday was a lazy day since it was still to harsh to take out the boats in the ocean. We spent a few hours at Seawolf park, picked up movie tickets for batman on the way home to assure it was not sold out, went home for lunch and when Mrs. Johnson arrived we went to see the Batman. After the movie we went down to the beach to collect trash for making Water Foul (ha, punny) with Mrs. Johnson. The arrival of the evening brought the arrival of two more girls to our trip. Toni and her friend Helene came for a few nights to join our sailing adventures.

Friday we went back to Lake Como with the six pack, Andrew's Laser, and a couple of kayaks for a long day of sailing. at the end of that day we had been promised a ride on the beach house's neighbors speed sail, a skateboard with a sail to be used on the beach. We were all so excited it took us twice as long to put away all the boats and every one was tired and irritable.

Saturday we took the Banana boat and the Prindle down to the cat ally boat ramp and set them up for a sail. Being as it was Jeremy's 18th birthday we had steak, cake and his family for dinner. Hurrah for Mr. Houghton and his racing team for getting first place in Texas Race week.

Every evening we made dinner and played games or watched movies. there were two showers for the girls and two showers for the boys. We all thoroughly enjoyed the air conditioning in the middle of July.

Sunday morning, tired and lazy we all woke up late, had a simple cereal breakfast and began cleaning up the beautiful beach house we had been using. The downstairs was the boys sleeping level, the middle floor was bedrooms for the female adults, kitchen, and living area, and the upper loft area contained 3 beds with three trundle beds hidden underneath for the girls. We all cleaned our respected areas and packed up an ice chest with left-overs and lunch supplies. After double checking everything and hoping we had our own stuff in our own bags we retired from the beach house.
During the week through FOTSS we acquired the Natalie L. Youth to adult we were all excited to have her so we all (except Mr. Blackerby who left early to take the six pack back) met up with Mr. Walker down at her dock, as it was in Galveston, to take her out on her first sail as our own. However the engine knew we were all tired and was to stubborn to not start. So, slightly disappointed but all (the youth at least) secretly happy to be able to get to their own showers sooner, we piled back into cars for the trip home.

Three vehicles arrived at the church, Mr. Houghton and Nick took Shakka King of the Zulus back to the storage, Monica's Mom drove Monica, the Houghton girls and the Banana Boat back to the Houghton abode and Mrs. Houghton waited with the rest of the youth at the scout house for parents.

and that, was the end of long sail.

but! unknown to you all the Houghton's and Blackerbys were still hard at work cleaning sails and dragging the six pack around till the sun was too low in the sky to shine on our front lawn and dry sunfish sails.

Tomorrow evening we plan on making T-shirts for this years long sail
Bruised and Bailing, but still Sailing.



Sail on the Natalie L

6 July

We took the opportunity to take out the Natalie L for a short sail and had an excellent time. the ketch taught us alot about having more than two sails and we were all excited about it!

Hurrah for Eva and Kelly!

The latest Seal graduates from ship 502!

Evening sail

14 June

Eva, Kelly, Jeremy, Monica, the Houghton family - James + Mr. Houghtons parents + Maddie met at the scout house at 4pm and went down to watergate where we met Mr. Blackerby, Nick and Andrew. Cork and her crew set out while Nick and Mr. Blackerby tried to get Piewackket to start , when that didnt work everyone from Piewackket moved over to De Capo to take her out instead.

Once in the bay we had excellent wind and waves, a few man overboard drills to prepare for Nicks QM sail and before too long it was already time to come back in. but not before we all got to see a gorgeous sunset.

don't forget about the Inside Jokes page

Monica begins term as National Boatswain

Monica Traylor was born in raised in Katy, Texas. She began her scouting career with Girl Scouts at age five, and has earned Girl Scout Silver award. Monica joined Ship 502 in 2004, and has served the ship as Boatswains Mate of Administration, Boatswain, and Boatswain Mate of Program. She attended the Newport Beach, California SEAL class of 2006, spent a week with the Coast Guard cadets on the Eagle (2007), and attended Report to the Nation. She has earned the rank of Able, and will earn Quartermaster on completion of the service project planned for summer 2008.

Monica will be attending the University of Texas at Austin to major in Biology. She plans to later attend medical school.

Almost sail on the Natalie L

26 May

we met at the scout house, youth prepared to see the Natalie for the first time and adults ready to sail her again! Once we got down to Galveston the usual preparations and fixings where necessary were done and we were ready to take her out. unfortunately the battery refused to start for us. we tried many tactics of starting the boat, including trying to jump it with a car battery, but no luck. so, disappointed we went to get ice-cream and then drove back to the Houghton's house and decided to plan for long sail.

it's a shame we missed out on the sailing but planning for long sail was quite necessary and we are glad we did it.

Small boat sail

10 May

a gathering of ships for a small boat sail at HYC on mostly sunfish was held and we ship 502ans had a great time. 10 youth took out 5 boats and we sailed around the lake all day. and the best part is, i dont think anything was broken!

Monica's QM sail

2-4 May 2008

how did it go monica?





11-13 April 08


Friday: Kelly, Monica, Kim, Jeremy, Nick, Eva, Mr. Houghton, Mrs. Houghton, Mr. Blackerby, Mrs. Blackerby, and Mrs. Johnson went up to Lake Livingston for the weekend. We arrived and set up our tents and went straight to bed.


Saturday: The first event of the day was sail repair where Monica Kim and Eva chose a card and had to produce a round seam, flat seam or grommet. We received 1st in this event. Next we did Knot tying, self-explanatory, we earned 1st place. After Knot tying (haha punny) Kelly, Jeremy, Monica and Nick did VHF radio and received 3rd. Nick Kim Eva and Jeremy did Block reaving next where we got 3rd place. Then it was marlinspike, this event consisted of Nick Jeremy Monica and Kim choosing cards and having to complete either a back splice, long splice, eye splice, or short splice. There we received 1st place. That was followed by Heaving line (crew 1 tied for 1st) and Ring Buoy toss (crew 1 received 3rd). next we did Boatswains chair and got 2nd place. Then Rules of the road where Eva, Nick, Monica, and Jeremy earned us 1st place. We took a break for lunch after those morning activities and then every ship took the Mariners quiz and first aid quiz and received 1st in both. Then we were all excited to take part in the GPS treasure hunt and with a time of about 18 minuets got first place. Then took a ride on the trial event of whale boating. That was followed by the Navigation Problem, in which silly mistakes got us 3rd place. Then Nick and Jeremy earned us 2nd place in Canoeing and Kelly and Eva went out for fun, although we were worried they’d get overpowered by the waves. Then we finished the day with another trial event: signal flags, in which we did very well considering we had just learned them all that day.


The weekend brought 502 closer friends with ship 8 whom we met at sea scout academy in January. Over the weekend we cheered each other on and just hung out bucket loads. Saying goodbye was quite an event but hopefully we’ll see them soon!


Congratulations every one First place!


Day sail

Mar 22

By Kim
This trip we brought along the boy scouts from troop 1102 who were preparing for Seabase.
We met at 10am and went down to Watergate. However Piewackett was out of order so we called up Skipper Freas from ship 468 and got him to bring round the Gremlin.
The scouts were split up among the gremlin cork and de capo and we went out for a sail. The win was light at first and we were stuck close to marker two but eventually we got enough speed to head out and circle some platforms.
We met back at Watergate at about 5:30 and put the boats away. Then we went to DQ and took up almost all the seats.



Ides of March
Mar 14-16
By Kim
Friday: Report to the scout house at 4pm sharp. Or not so sharp but that’s just how sea scouts goes…
Monica and Kim went with Mr. Blackerby in his fully stuffed with stuff car and Mrs. Blackerby with Kevin strait off to Somerville to get a start on setting up tents while there was still light. A stop at jack in the box to refuel and then we were there pitching camp.
Mr. and Mrs. Houghton, Nick, Trinity, Will, Jeremy, and Eva went in the Houghton van to stack shakka king of the Zulus on top of banana boat in order to have it for the weekend; Problem-Solution 4 boats, 3 drivers = 1 driver w/ 2 boats. Clever eh?
Once the rest of the crew arrived they started to set up the boats whilst watching the sunset…
Saturday: late to bed and still early to rise, excited sailors set to work on breakfast and preparing the boats for the races ahead. Nick S. arrived with a friend overnight along with Oscar (another boat) and Mr. Gunn also came with his Hobie 18. Felicity(!) also showed up sometime while we were all out racing.
Mr. and Mrs. Blackerby and Trinity were on the Wizard of Ah’s
Monica and Kevin were on… some other boat
Eva and Nick were on shakka king of the Zulus
Jeremy and Nick S. were on Oscar
Mr. Houghton and Will were on banana boat
Mr. Gunn and Kim were on the Hobie 18
By the end of the day I believe there were two broken boats. Shakka (insert what happened to shakka here) on Nick and Eva. And Mr. Gunns boat basically fell apart.
However! Not all hope was lost, both boats were back up and running (sailing) by the next morn.
Dinner was a pleasant experience for the sea scouts. Shishkabababababa sticks. Who really knows how to spell that word anyways..
After dinner we had a camp fire made delicious s’mores, for the record Monica makes the best marshmallows.
Sunday: Happy Birthday Kim! Haha. A couple more races and then the award ceremony thing. Mr. blackerby mrs. Blackerby and trinity got third place in the “non spins” category. Kim and Mr. Gunn got second place in said category mainly “because they just hung in there!” Monica and Kevin received 2nd place in the Hobie 16’s andddddddddddd is that it?
Putting the boats away ended in cupcakes in celebration of the birthday and then our trip back to the church.

Trip to DC


Monica is going to Washington DC for the report to the nation. Get updates here


Afternoon sail

(evening sail if you're Jeremy)

De Capo, Piewackett, and Cork had been living at Lakewood Yacht Club since Sea Scout Academy and (unfortunetly) we needed to take them back to their slips at Watergate. so, we met at the scout house at one and went to Lakewood, out for a day sail we went and sailing! wahoo then went back to watergate and home we offed i'll finish this later

"Racing practice" and Awards Banquet

16 Feb. 08

By Kim

As happens in the middle of winter it rained, and consequently racing practice was turned into a boat work day. Nick, Eva, Kelly, Jeremy, Kim, Monica, and Payton met with Kevin, Mr. Blackerby and Mrs. Houghton at the scout house to work on a boat that we will be using for Ides of March. We washed Shaka King of the Zulus (spell check?) from sick-nasty green to nice and white. Kelly made a Mayan Temple and Jeremy is the master at air hockey.

In other news.. actually same news.

Later that day, after a few hours of cleaning our selves up, we had an awards banquet at TCYC. We all wore our whites and looked ver' fancy. accomplishments were said and pictures were shown.


Boat Work day & Mardi Gras Parade

25 Jan. 08

By Kim

Monica, Eva, Kelly, Nick, Kim, Jeremy, Skipper and Mrs. Houghton met at the church at 9am and traveled down to Lakewood Yacht Club, where we met up with our recent recruit from Sea Scout Academy, Andrew. (Just for the record we now have four Andrews in the ship.)

There we found a J-29 nice and dirty and ready for cleaning. Covered in mildew and such we all set to work with the combined help of ships 502 and 468; Nata Bella got a good scrubbing down.

We cleaned the inside with scrub brushes and simple green from bow to stern and from the ceiling to the floor. Monica, Kim and Andrew helped brushing down the cushions while Nick, Eva and Kelly took turns power washing the outside.  We all helped taking the sails out and looking for rips and holes and then stuffing (well, folding properly and then putting) them back into the appropriate bags (We found that Andrew's foot works well as a measuring tool). Jeremy spent this time helping Skipper clean out the head on cork. After hours of hard, smelly, dirty work, and Nata Bella looking gorgeous it was time to go to dinner.

The few members of ship 468 left us here and we went to Chili's for a quick meal, the popular choice of the evening- chicken.

Off we went to the Parade prepared to jump and shout to get our fair share of beads (even though we all know we have bazillions at our homes from years previous). Fun was had and beads were caught and we were all getting very tired, but to no one's disappointment we ended the evening by having King Cake in the parking lot of Randalls. I'd love to tell you who got the baby and would be required to supply next years cake but we were, essentially, ripped off and found no baby.

Unknown to Eva and Kelly who rode back with Eva's mom (who met up with us before we went to Chili's) Kim, Nick, and Jeremy used the car ride home to write down some quotes and inside jokes to put on this website. However I advise you not to look at them as they are more for record keeping than showing anyone else because you simply wont understand.


We will be using Nata Bella to race on during the summer and are all quite excited that she is no longer so dirty. Also our bead bags have been topped up with another years supply and many voices lost from screaming. Altogether a very accomplishing and satisfactory Saturday

Sea Scout Academy

19-21 Jan 08

By Kim

Unfortunately, I was unable to join everyone until Saturday evening so won't be telling you what happened on Saturday before I got there.

I entered while a heated game of Bingo was taking place. Apparently some people were winning several times and it seemed unfair so I quickly made my point of making a win for our ship and received an excellent prize- a watertight box for cell phone, GPS, etc. Nick was excited, "ooh! Geocashing!" After bingo, spoons was played. Word of advice: don't play spoons with more than 6 people. Ever.

Sunday morning we were split into our tracks and I went to LYC and out for a navigation sail while Eva and Kelly were in the classrooms and Nick and Monica were on Point Glass. Upon returning to LYC there was lunch and a church service held on the tennis courts. Then Eva and Kelly went out on the boats for their navigation sail and I was in the classroom learning about the history of Sea Scouting, ground tackle, and my personal favorite: ornamental ropework.

Sorry to say I cant tell you about Point Glass, maybe I'll get Monica to fill this part in later.

The evening was more social time which consisted of card games. but I won't go into too much detail about that. Good food was served and before we knew it was time for bed. Yeay.

Monday morning brought firefighting, rowing, and marlinspiking for Eva, Kelly, and I, while Nick and Monica taught the marlinspike class (splicing!)

The weekend brought us a new member who, unfortunately, lives to far away to make all meetings but is happily joining us for our sails.

Eventually you might get Eva or Monica or Nick or Kelly's side of things too.


Long Sail

3-8 June 07

By Kim and Eva

Saturday- We started out with a boat work day to prepare for long sail by spiffing up the shine on the boats.

Sunday- We finished up the work from Saturday, including Mr. Noser going up Piewackett's mast to fix stuff. We sailed down to Redfish Island, anchored, and returned to the marina for the night.

Monday- Officially started our long sail journey by sailing to the landings in Galveston, close to moody gardens. This is where we met Stardust (also known as star burst to Monica)

Tuesday- Piewackett runs aground in the slip, de capo and stardust crew helped them out and stardust left by saying "now we will run aground and you will have to help us out!" well, they did. Monica and Jason were sent over to hang on the boom of stardust while De capo pulled on the halyard. Unfortunately DaCapo's anchor was lost. the day concluded with Stardust following us to Freeport.

Wednesday- Offshore leg. We returned the earliest time this week and decided to use our extra time for swimming.

Thursday- We all decided that harbor walk, the last place we stayed was the nicest, not to mention the floating docks and bathrooms and the newspaper delivered to our boat in the morning, this excited both Mr. Houghton and Mrs. Blackerby. the only thing missing was the complimentary mint on our pillows.

Friday- The crews were switched, and we headed home.

All in all a great week, worst being the tragic loss of DaCapo's well beloved anchor. which, fortunately, was replaced quickly by the spare.



Double Bayou Sail


Boat Work Day

25 March 07

By Monica

Purpose: To clean and prepare boats for the Double Bayou Sail with the boys scout troop.

Boats Worked On: DaCapo and Cork

 The group ate lunch before getting started on the boats. Nick ate enough lunch for two so he has to do a 100 club to work it all off.  The youth then split into two crews in order to be more effective. Jeremy, Monica, and Kimberly worked on DaCapo with Mr. Houghton and Mrs. Houghton. Skipper, Nick, Jason, Eva, and Kelly worked on Cork. DaCapo’s crew worked hard on removing one of the windows that has been leaking. They scraped all of the caulk off and pushed the window out. That took about two hours. Then they took everything apart, cleaned and put it all back together. It sounds much easier than it really is. A fan was also removed and replace with a plug. The oil in the engine was changed. On Cork a window was also removed and the boat was cleaned.  Then we all stopped for ice cream.  It was found out that Jeremy hates french-fries but loves ice cream with ketchup.

What was learned:

1. How to take out a window with pocket knives. 

2. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.

3. If Jeremy had a super power it would be to make ripples in the water. If Monica had a superpower it would be when she was angry she would shrink and turn the color purple with green polka dots.


Ides of March Regatta

10-11 March 07

By Eva

Ship 502 went to Lake Somerville for the weekend of camping and small boat sailing. We arrived on Saturday, but couldn’t start the Hobie cat races due to lack of wind. To pass the time, the kayak was taken out and the sunfish and laser were attempted to be sailed. When the wind picked up we sailed two races then went in. Sunday morning, two more races were sailed and then we had to go in and pack up everything before it rained on us. Our placement in the races was asked not to be enclosed.

 Improvements for Next Time

  • Take care of laser batons.
  • Don’t kayak so far

 Thorns and Roses


  • Almost lost a baton from the laser
  • The boom vang on the laser broke


  • Learning how to sail a Hobie cat
  • The trapeze


DaCapo Haul Out

24 Feb 07

After seven years (we think) DaCapo was pulled for a bottom job. We were surprised to see that there was not much build up of barnacles. The comment from the boat yard was "we don't sell that paint any longer!"

We'll take the opportunity to perform some other maintenance while she's out, and anticipate another half knot when the work is completed!

Thanks to Mike Kent of Interlux paints for donating bottom paint. Anyone who feels the urge to donate anything else to help should contact skipper.

Beads Galore

The annual trip to Galveston was a success this year (Success is defined by all boats reaching the destination, and returning with no breakages to boat or crew). We took Piewacket, Cork, DaCapo and Defiant.

Great sail down, even better sail back. A bald eagle was spotted in Clear Lake on the way home!

Read DaCapo's log


Boat Work Day

How many of these Sea Scouts are working?

502 SEAL Graduates

Ship 502 graduated two from SEAL this summer. Monica attended at Newport, Nick attended Gulf Coast.


Summer Activities

OK Guys, I'm looking for some budding reporter to write about our Summer Activities (Long Sail, Seal, Fund raising event, other sailing activities, officer elections and anything else you can think of!!



Day at Somerville

5 August

Almost everyone arrived around ten. There was a little trailer trouble with the six-pack, but other than that everything went well for the trip there. When most of us arrived, we rigged all the boats we could and then sat down for lunch. It was a very refreshing lunch after all that work. We even had a nice Watermelon cake for Mrs. Traylor’s birthday. Since there was no wind, some of us went swimming while others bobbed around on the water. Most of the adults enjoyed themselves in the shade. However some went swimming and enjoyed the cool water while a few went on boats. Around three a few people had to leave right as the wind picked up. The rest of the afternoon was spent sailing until dinner, which was a nice meal consisting of hamburgers. Yum By the way the six pack and the drivers arrived safely in time for sailing. Overall, everyone had a great time. Cannot wait until the next one.

Double Bayou?

6,7 May. by Nick

Ship 502 along with two 1659ers headed to clear lake marina for the double bayou sail. However, the weather did not hold up and we were forced to stay ashore and work on navigation and take the navigation practice test. When the storm calmed we went on a short sail which turned out to be a motoring trip because of the lack of wind. When the boats returned, we all had fajitas provided by Nick. We stayed at the marina overnight and headed home after breakfast feeling somewhat disappointed.

Small Boats at Somerville

29, 30 April. by Monica

Ship 502 went sailing at lake Sommerville with the small boats. We took six sunfish, a laser, and a Hobie cat. We arrived on Saturday, the weather was perfect and we were ready to sail. The wind was strong, but it was still warm. We mainly took out the sunfish, and did not capsize too many times.
After sailing, we went to the park and then came back to fix spaghetti for dinner, which was delicious. The catamaran or banana boat, as we call it, went out on Saturday a little, but more on Sunday.

Night was a little cooler, but still nice, and the stars as always were bright. Also, there was a great concert that we could hear from another part of the lake. There was much less wind on Sunday, but still super beautiful.

It was perfect weather for beginners. We still capsized, but just to cool off. Everyone had a great time.

Canoe Trip plans get changed

OK, so the plan was to go on a canoe trip, but things do change. We spent Saturday preparing for Rendezvous next weekend, and on Sunday we had a split event:

  • We took Piewacket for a sail in the bay. We had cameras, but didn't get to use them. The wind was blowing 15-20 out of the southeast - the GPS recorded a distance of 13.2 miles, at an average of 5 kts

  • Mr Walker and Skkipper worked on Cork and finished changing out the transmission in Cork - the  new transmission is in place and reported to be working (applause)


Scout Sunday

Ship 502 gets excellent sunset in Kemah.

14th Jan 2006

12 members from Ship 502 took out Pyewacket this weekend. We had an excellent view of the full orange moon rising over the water, and a beautiful sunset over the boardwalk.  After the sail we had a nice dinner (or breakfast for the girls) at Skipper's.


Ship 502 looks good at the Houston Boat Show

9 Jan 2006

In support of the Sea Scout Booth at the Houston Boat Show, Ship502 dressed up and manned the booth on Monday evening. Several comments were received about how good we looked, and some interest was expressed in Sea Scouts. We took the opportunity to walk round the show and look at some of the displays, but were unable to solicit any boat donations, not for lack of trying. Michael decided on his new boat the rest of us all felt poor.

Take a look at this picture too!



Ship 502 conquers Texas Rock Gym

Sunday 8 October 2005. Houston

Five members of Ship 502 made it to the venturing Lock-in at Texas Rock Gym. After a brief lesson on belaying, they attacked the mountain with enthusiasm, for several hours, they could be seen clinging for dear life to the rock face, swinging from the "rope" (that's the land lubbers name for a line!) and lying around on the "boulder".  At approximately 3:00am Sunday morning, the mountain was declared conquered, and all retired to attempt sleep. All involved agreed it was fun, but muscles declared that it should not be attempted again any time soon.

Thanks to Venturing Crew 900 for organizing the event.