This page is brought to you by Kim so we can remember all those hilarious times..

Inside Jokes

-a good game of spoons involves stealth, spoons, cards, trash, and a dealer.

-Will we ever forget those silver spoons that you can actually see through!!!

-you know, people pyramids are really not that easy to make.

-go ahead, ask Nick to do the jelly fish dance.

-Monica and Sally did not enjoy sleeping in a sandbox.

-Jeremy's favorite book is Maisey's colors.

-Monica and Kim making an awesome scavenger hunt for Mr. Houghton to find his recorder only to have the crews switched and the new De Capo crew not even mention it to him!!!!

-sea cucumber monster

-Long sail 2007 ship logs. o man.

-[insert Monica and Kim's song here]

-pulling people around in a 2ft saltwater pool on noodles. fun fun fun

-what if you're in India and your name is Jethro and you run out of batteries for your Magellan GPS and you get beaten with a goat (not by a goat) something about a filing cabinet, france, etc.

-what an experience, sinking a boat

-we weren't playing jackpot

-so, i think stardust is following us..


-how to survive a shark attack

-psycadeligating. thats how it's done

-i like splaughalazing (spastic laughing)

-Knot jokes

-rubberduckies! Sig(sbe) and Ron Deep, Tom Herman, and Joe

-gubernator is helmsman




-"i'm harry potter harry harry potter... harry potter harry potter harry potter ooh harry potter harry potter harry potter yeahhhh" -Monica and Kim. (originally potterpuppetpals)

-"hey Jeremy! go get the Jib!" "Okay chris!" Jeremy and Chris. like it wasnt obveous.

-"quack, the new word for laugh" - Kim and Jeremy

-"Walter! thats Jasons real first name!" Monica and Kim

-"and it was a rock, and it couldnt die, and it couldnt be blown up, and it was indistructable!" -unknown "and it died!"- Payton

-"where's nick?" kim "getting water and its outside so it might take him a while" monica "I asked him to get me one so he's probably trying to figure out how to carry three cups" (right when eva said three we see nick entering center stage with two cups in one hand and one in the other, opening the door with his foot and hopping backwards and tounge out.)

once nick gets to the table... Kim Monica and Eva cracking up "what?"nick "well...(story told)"kim. nick: happened to have just taken a drink doubles over and water comes out of nose (from laughing) and he spills the rest of his water all over the floor.

-"i'll... you...blahblahblah" -Nick

-"I can't go because I'm building a zombie fortress with my dad." -Payton

-"Literally!" -Monica

-"hubba hubba!" -Nick

-Monica Kim Jeremy in back seat of Houghton van. "Can i come back there!!?" Nick "okay sure!" Jeremy "YEAH" Nick. jumping on top of all three of us.

-"Dad! i think we lost the anchor!" -Kim

-"haha we got you unstuck now you're going to have to come rescue us" -Stardust. and as if they did it on purpose, we had to go help them out of running aground

-"I'm boatswain!" - Monica

-"I'm not boatswain!"- Monica

-"I'm National Boatswain!" -Monica

-"GOOD MORRRRNNINGG!" - Monica and Kim, waking Kelly every morning on longsail

-"the tent capsized!" - Jeremy (?)

-"shoefly! please dont bother me." - Monica and Kim

-"shake and bake!" -Mr. Sacco

-"so in other news a cat was rescued out of a tree today...." -Monica at HP5

-"Chicago Pasta! oh wait, that says chiropractor." -Nick

- i'd really love to put this quote up here. but im just going to have to give you a video instead...


-"oh Lord we beseech thee!" -Mr. Houghton

-"Keva and Elle!"- Monica

-"Nick! are you thiiiiirrsstty???" - Monica

-"are we moving" Monica "i think we're going backwards." Jeremy

-"we're in a lullllll" -Monica and Jeremy

-"okay we need an E and an A.." Monica. "There's no A in Jeremy!"" Jeremy

-"Hello people!!" -Mrs. Blackerby referring to people in a trashcan

-across tents. "Hey Nick! do mosquitoes sleep?" Chris
"No they only live for like 24 hours! nick S.
"okay!" -Jeremy ( whack the mosquitoes in their tent with brooms...)

-"when in doubt run naked and scream..." - Sally.

-"hey Chief"- Sally

-"g o o d m o r n i n g good morning! hey hey! good morning!" -ship 8

-"good night ladies!" -Jeremy
"goodnight!" Kim, Monica, Eva, Kelly
"i was talking to nick."- Jeremy
"oh great so I'm plural female now."-Nick

-"is it stars or planets that twinkle?" -kim
"well lets see, twinkle twinkle little planet nope thats not it" - Mr. Houghton

-Jenkies! -Kelly

-"move over oxygen..." -unknown?